Daudi Mpoya


Improved Health

Daudi MpoyaHe is now four years old. When Daudi was two, he weighed just 8 kg (17.6 lbs), was swollen all over and had wounds on his lips and head.  “I took him to the hospital until I had no money left, and they were not able to assist him,” said William Mpoya, Daudi’s father.  “I had given up and left it to God."  Two years ago, William Mpoya was unable to produce enough maize to feed his family.  He did not know the proper growing techniques and had to buy what little maize he could afford.  It wasn’t enough.  His family was malnourished and in poor health.

Then Mpoya received training from CSRL-supported Volunteer Efforts for Development Concerns (VEDCO) staff in Kamuli.  “When CSRL and VEDCO arrived they told me all Daudi really needed was food.  I did not believe them because I had lost a daughter in the same way,” Mpoya said.  But after being fed a flour mixture fortified with amaranth seed for just one month, his son Daudi gained 4 kg (8.8 lbs).  Now he is a happy, healthy boy weighing 24 kg (52.8 lbs).

After Daudi was cured, people started coming to Mpoya, who became a trained Community Nutrition and Health Worker (CNHW), when their children were sick.  He advises them on what to feed their children to avoid the problems Daudi had.  Mpoya now successfully grows maize, amaranth, cassava, papayas and a variety of vegetables, providing his family nourishing meals three times daily.  “I have acquired knowledge that I will continue to use to train other farmers,” Myopa said.

Uganda cropsAchieving food security:

  • Helps children like Daudi overcome extreme malnutrion.
  • Leads to sustainable rural livelihoods.
  • Is an important step in overcoming poverty.