Iowa State University - Uganda Program Staff

Meet our Uganda Associates - the people who are making the vision a reality!

National Director, ISU-Uganda Programs
Gideon Nadiope

Gideon has been in charge of the livestock component of the CSRL program in Kamuli since July 2009 to August 2014. Thereafter he was appointed as the Interim Team Leader for Iowa State University Uganda Program (ISU–UP) in Kamuli starting September 2014. During July 2015 he was appointed in the positions of Field Operations Manager/Livestock Specialist and thereafter during October 2016 his role changed to National Director, ISU-UP. As National Director, ISU-UP he is charged with coordinating all field operations including programs in livestock, nutrition education, Service Learning and school gardens, youth entrepreneurship, agronomic programming, construction of the Agricultural Training Center, and borehole planning and drilling, among others. He is also charged with oversight of finance, administration, guest services for ISU-UP, Representing ISU-UP and its activities to outside entities and Facilitating program growth. His role as Livestock Specialist, entails leading the implementation of ISU-UP livestock activities, collecting and maintaining data, registers, and records of livestock enterprises, and coordinating M&E activities to document the impact of ISU-UP livestock programs on household food security and the financial stability of program households. Gideon joined the CSRL Kamuli team in 2009 from the private sector; having worked in various capacities including working as Independent Veterinary Officer,  Executive Officer for Farm Network, Program Officer for Multi Sectoral Rural Development Program (MSRDP) of  Busoga Diocese, and Veterinary Assistant for Jinja District veterinary services. Gideon is a Veterinarian and holds a Master of Science degree in Livestock Development, Planning and Management.

Community Nutritionist


The ISU-UP Community Nutritionist, Caroline graduated from Kyambogo University with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Processing Technology. In 2015, she completed her Masters of Science degree in Public Health Nutrition from Makerere University.   She has worked on various nutrition programs in Uganda as a research assistant and study coordinator.

Working in the community is her passion because she loves to see positive change in maternal and child health.  She sees her work with ISU-UP as an opportunity for her to utilize her vast knowledge, skills and capabilities in the field of community nutrition in dealing with nutrition and health issues affecting mothers and children.








Service Learning & School Garden Projects Officer

Dennis Lutwama
Dennis joined CSRL in 2010 April as research assistant working on grain amaranths research project in Kamuli district.  In 2011, his role changed to administrative officer for CSRL and a research assistant on tomato project in Kamuli. He was then appointed to work as project officer in charge of school gardens (service learning) 2013. Presently, he serves as the Service Learning School Garden Specialist in charge of planning for school gardens, making work plans, budgets and marketing the produce from the school gardens. He liaises with other key stakeholders like the local government to implement joint projects and planning meetings. He is charged with the task of establishing school gardens as outdoor learning laboratories and demonstrations with a purpose of stimulating interest within the young generation in school and communities to appreciate the role of agriculture in fostering rural development and food security.  The school gardens also motivate the young people to pursue agriculture as a business and a sustainable means of livelihood.






Fleet Manager and Security Specialist

Johnson joined the CSRL program during 2007 as a driver for the Associate Director Field Operations. In 2014, he was taken onto the ISU-UP as the Fleet Manager and Security Specialist. He is responsible for safely transporting all ISU-UP staff and ISU faculty, staff, students, and guests, as appropriate, to their respective destinations, serving new ISU staff and guests as “cultural attaché,” maintaining the fleet of vehicles in good working condition, and securing ISU-UP facilities through the supervision and guidance of the ISU-UP Security Officer and contracted security services.  Prior joining the CSRL he worked for National Water and Sewerage Corporation, and Security Group Uganda Limited.




Agronomy & Land Use Officer

Moureen Mbeiza
Moureen graduated in January, 2014, from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Land use and Management. She is a former Service Learner 2012, and successfully completed service learning program internship at Iowa State University between September and November, 2013. She served as a student leader during 2013 and 2014 service learning program, and remained volunteering with Iowa State University - Uganda Program as the Agronomist, Land use and Management- Coordinator until January 2015. Thereafter she was appointed to serve as Agronomy and Land Use Specialist charged with the responsibility of identifying and disseminating innovations to improve crop yields, assist farmers to understand their farm’s crop production system in order to determine the best ways to plan, plant, control pests, harvest crops, and cultivate land to optimize productivity.




Youth Entrepreneurship Specialist
Lukwata Martin Roy Kagoye

Martin is a Ugandan born in Masaka District on the western shores of lake Victoria. He graduated from Makerere University in January 2014 with honors in Agribusiness Management. Prior to joining the organization as a volunteer, Martin was part of the CSRL Service learning team as an intern in 2012. He returned as a student leader in June 2013 where he was also involved with the newly initiated Youth Entrepreneurship project at Namasagali College. He completed a 2 month internship at Iowa State University in November 2014 where he studied United States agricultural systems and business practices. Martin worked as a volunteer with the organization from 2013 until June 2015, involved with youth entrepreneurship. He was appointed in July 2015 in the position of Youth Entrepreneurship Specialist. Martin  works with young people between 16 and 35 years. He is currently implementing poultry projects and crop input microfinance for the youth. He has helped grow the youth entrepreneurship project (YEP) from targeting only in-school youth to extending impact to out-of-school youth both as individuals and in groups through rural enterprise input loans and extension in crops and livestock production. Through the YEP he has put emphasis on encouraging innovation by in-school youth through starting up agricultural entrepreneurship clubs.


Livestock Extension Specialist
Yvette Nikuze

Yvette graduated from Busoga University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production. She did her internship with VEDCO and her dissertation was on the Assessment of the Contribution of Goats Rearing to the Livelihoods of Small Holder Farmers in VEDCO-kamuli District, Sustainable Rural Livelihood Project of CSRL. She served as a private practitioner among small scale dairy, pigs, goats and poultry farmers’ in Jinja and Buikwe districts of Uganda prior to joining the ISU-Uganda Program as a Livestock Extension Specialist in September 2015. Her major role is to integrate livestock production, health, and market access, training and technical support activities with other ISU-Uganda programs.






Finance Manager

Keith joined Iowa State University- Uganda Program in 2016 November as the Finance and Administrative Officer. He is in charge of overseeing the Finance, administration and guest house services. His main role is to prepare and analyze financial statements, book keeping, prepare budgets and work plans, maintain a data base for the organization's records and information to ensure value for money. Keith joined Iowa State University - Uganda Program after working in various roles with the private sector including starting with most recently working with Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited as a Financial Service Executive, School Bursar for Savannah Highland College and Uganda Telecom as an Intern in the capacity of commercial officer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance and Accounting.




Facilities Manager



Charles accepted the position of ISU-UP facilities manager for the new training center in July 2017.  His duties include managing service staff, efficient operation of the facility, guest services, and management of the physical property as needed 24/7. Charles experience includes serving as Senior Technicial, managing electrical, maintenance, plumbing and photovoltaic systems for the Ministriy of Education and Sports and for a World Bank Project with the Ministry of Energy in Uganda, as well as for other Ugandan companies and organizations.  He holds a diploma in electrical engineering.







Food Service Chef

After working part-time with the organization for several years, Anthony was appointed Food Service Coordinator/Chef for ISU-UP in January 2017.  His roles include creating menus and budgeting food items for visitors at the guest house. He prepares and serves meals, and determines how food should be presented in a decorative manner. Most importantly, he maintains high standards of food safety throughout the kitchens and serving areas. Additionally, Anthongy assists in the procurement of food and other essential items needed for the guest house and field houses, and maintaining good storage conditions he cleans, maintains and monitors inventories of all the stores at the guest house, Naluwoli and Namasagali. As time permits, he assists in cleaning the compound when the grounds man is absent or when assigned other duties such as turning on and off the generators at the guest house and Annex, and making necessary arrangements for their fueling and servicing.






NEC Crafts/YEP/Agronomy Assistant

Shillah became part of ISU UP as a service learner, 2015 where she was part of the interns that were staying in Namasagali house working at Namasagali staff’s children primary school. Thereafter, came back as a student’s leader from June to August, 2016 to serve as a supervisor for support staff at the ISU-UP guest house and also responsible for shopping food and house supplies for the students at both the guest house and in the field houses. From august 2016 to January 2017 served as a volunteer in agronomy department responsible for agronomy trainings at the NECs, seed distribution, supervision and monitoring of crops grown by those given seed and data collection. However, since January 2017 up to date, has been responsible for the crafts project and sanitary towels project at Namasagali and Nakanyonyi primary schools, and marketing the items and income distribution for the members after the sale of the products. In addition, she volunteers in youth entrepreneurship program at Naluwoli Secondary School in school gardening. She graduated in 2017 earning a Degree of Bachelors of Science in Agriculture from Makerere University.






Security Officer
Simon Egalu

Simon is a Ugandan from Soroti district in Eastern region of Uganda. He is a father of one son. He started working with CSRL in 2011 and currently works with ISU-UP as security officer. He also works as the storekeeper and does the fumigation at the guesthouse. He keeps the keys of the guesthouse and operates the generator when electricity is off. Washes the vehicles at the guesthouse and also works as the office messenger.










Joshua Mpaulo

Joshua is a Ugandan born in Eastern Uganda, in Kamuli District. He is married with 3 children. He worked as a temporary driver with ISU-UP during June 2014 and 2015 when Service learning started.  During October 2015 he was contracted to serve as Groundskeeper charged with the responsibility of maintaining a clean, safe, and attractive environment in the ISU-UP compound and annexes. In addition, he provides support in the school gardening, acts as a reliever of the day security guard and logistics activities.






Beautrice Namulondo


Beautrice is a Ugandan born in Kamuli district. She is a long time widow with two sons and three daughters. She attended school up to the secondary level, which is equivalent to high school. She has been working with CSRL since 2012 as a housekeeper for the girls’ house. She is currently responsible for the general cleanliness of the girls’ and boys’ house at the guesthouse, and the annex, and preparing morning tea for the staff at the guesthouse. She also prepares food in the field when community meetings are held with mothers and assists in providing guests’ housekeeping services to both the Faculty and ISU students.








Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant


Beatrice joined ISU-UP during June, 2016 as a temporary worker during the service learning period.   In July 2016, she was interviewed became the Volunteer to assist on data entry and products quality monitoring for the Nutrition Education Centers and other projects. In addition, she follows up with graduated NEC clients to identify any malnutrition relapses that may occur. Beatrice was hired as a full-time ISU-UP staff employee in September 2017. Beatrice holds a Diploma in Business Studies of Makerere University Business School a certificate in Computer applications.   










Clerk of Works

Rose has served as Clerk of Works for the Agricultural Training Centre Construction Site since November 2016. She is the Technical representative for Iowa State University- Uganda Program. She ensures quality of the Construction activities at site, keeps daily records of all activities, and takes measurements for the completed activities which are used in preparation of the payments for the contractor. She also prepares daily, weekly and monthly reports. She worked with National Housing and Construction Company as a clerk of works, and providence World Mission Uganda as a site Engineer before joining ISU-UP. Rose holds a diploma in Architectural Drawing and Draughts-man-ship and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.