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"Tapping Philanthropy for Development", the New CSRL Book on Using Philanthropy for Development

A brand new publication about the Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods is now available through Lynne Rienner Publishers. "Tapping Philanthropy for Development: Lessons Learned from a Public-Private Partnership in Rural Uganda" offers advice for managing multi-faceted, public-private partnerships for development. "Tapping Philanthropy for Development" is co-authored by Lorna Michael Butler, Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Anthropology, as well as an Agricultural and Life Sciences Global fellow at ISU, and Della E. McMillan who is, among many extraordinary achievements in research and field work, a team leader for Africare in Strategy Development Exercise for “Resilience” Programming in the Sahel (Burkina, Mali, Niger, and Chad). The publication includes chapters authored by Robert Mazur, CSRL, Sociology; Dorothy Masinde, CSRL, Global Resource Systems; Mark Westgate, former CSRL Director, Agronomy; Max Rothschild, CSRL Associate Director and Distinguished Professor in Agriculture; Gail Nonnecke, University Professor, Morrill Professor, Global Resource Systems; and David Acker, Associate Dean, Academic and Global Programs. To read the introduction of the book or to order a copy, please click here for the Lynne Rienner Publishers website.