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Passing the Torch

Dr. Max Rothschild and Dr. Curtis YoungsThe Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL) recognizes Dr. Max Rothschild’s 15 years of service as CSRL associate director for livestock development.  “Max launched and then led a truly outstanding livestock program in Uganda”, states CSRL Director, Dr. David Acker. Recent data suggest that the ISU-Uganda livestock program has directly impacted more than 5,000 farmers and indirectly impacted nearly 17,000 through training, livestock distribution and improved food security. Through his leadership, new opportunities have also been created for children and youth to learn animal husbandry skills and develop personal enterprises to help support the food security and income for their families. Additionally, eggs from the school poultry programs have added valuable protein to school lunch ingredients. Dr. Rothschild designed, developed and raised the funds for a farmer-centered livestock demonstration and training facility in Kamuli.  Dr. Rothschild will retire from ISU in June. CSRL and the people of Kamuli District, Uganda greatly appreciate Dr. Rothschild’s dedicated service!

On April 20, Curtis Youngs took over as the CSRL associate director for livestock development. Dr. Youngs is a Professor of Animal Science at ISU and was recently named to replace Dr. Rothschild as the holder of the prestigious M.E. Ensminger Chair in International Animal Agriculture at ISU.  Dr. Youngs earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in animal science at the University of Minnesota. Throughout his career, Youngs has had international collaborations in research, teaching, and extension/outreach programs in 15 countries across four continents.  Dr. Youngs has worked with Dr. Rothschild leading up to this transition and has already made a number of trips to Uganda. CSRL gives a warm welcome to Dr. Youngs!