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CSRL FundISU Campaign Exceeds Goal

Ugandan children at schoolWe did it! Thank you very much for helping us exceed our goal!

We at the Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and our Iowa State University–Uganda Program team in Kamuli are truly grateful to you for supporting our new Early Childhood Development program. Your contributions helped exceed our $30,000 goal by raising a total of $36,520!

Thanks to you, pre-school-age children in the Kamuli district will have a more substantial opportunity for a brighter future. Your contributions will be directed toward improved nutrition, age-appropriate learning materials, more teachers’ aides/assistants, and appropriate school infrastructure, including classrooms, latrines, kitchens, and playgrounds that support safety, sanitation, and engaged learning.  

We encourage you to stay connected with the ISU Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods initiatives by visiting our website or following us on Facebook. Our essential work happens year-round. Financial contributions to our ongoing development efforts are continually accepted at

Mwebale Inho! Thank you very much!