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Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education Center Women PorridgeFirst inspired by the severe malnutrition of one baby boy and his mother, the Nutrition Education Centers (NECs) provide for the proper nutrition for children, from birth to age five, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. Administering supplemental nutrition and related training, the NECs literally save lives while preparing women to maintain their families’ improved health indefinitely.

CSRL Impacts in 2018:

  • Opening the ninth NEC in Kisaikye “A” village
  • 29 breastfeeding mothers served at the new center
  • 12 pregnant women served at the new center
  • 33 breastfeeding children taking porridge at the center
  • Increased the number of days that children in schools with a school garden program receive a nutritious lunch

Bringing Nutrition Closer to the People...

Nutrition Education Center Child EatingThe staff at Namasagali Health Center III referred malnourished children and their mothers from five neighboring villages to the Bususwa Nutritional Education Center, located more than two miles away. Because of the distance, mothers stopped coming once their children began to recover and became too heavy to carry on the two-mile journey.

To fulfill its vision of ending hunger and malnutrition to promote healthy future generations, the NEC’s Nutrition Education Program knew something had to change. They needed an additional center.

After a successful fundraising effort, the ninth NEC opened on July 2, 2018, at a home in Kisaikye A village. The center serves 93 clients, including 29 breastfeeding mothers, 12 pregnant women, 41 breastfeeding children, and 11 malnourished children.

“This NEC was opened in response to demand, which was confirmed through a rapid appraisal carried out in October 2017,” said Dorothy Masinde, associate director of nutrition education for CSRL. “This center now has clients from seven villages, all of which are within one mile of the new NEC.”

The Nutrition Education Program provides maternal and child nutrition and health services in rural communities of Kamuli district. It brings maternal and child nutrition services closer to clients by establishing nutrition education centers in communities experiencing high incidences of malnutrition.

Photo Credit: Brian Nonnecke

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