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Outdoor Learning and Recreation Areas

The Mpirigiti Rural Training Centre sits on 13 acres that includes a variety of outdoor meeting, training, demonstration, and recreational facilities.

Mpirigiti Rural Training Centre Map

Training/Demo Areas

Demo Area
The service-learner garden consists of demonstration beds showcasing a variety of plants using different growing methods, new and familiar plant varieties, and a shaded pavilion for training meetings. 
Livestock Demonstration Area
Just outside of the main complex perimeter is the Livestock Demonstration Area and training pavilion.
















Khurshid Training Pavilion
Adjacent to the Livestock Demonstration Area is the Khurshid Training Pavilion which is dedicated to livestock and other seminars and grain storage and handling research.

Livestock Demonstration Plaque






The center’s recreation facilities have become popular destinations for the local community and service-learning students. Whether one chooses to…

Bywater Soccer Complex
…play soccer on Bywater Field
Jacobi Volleyball Court
…get your feet in the sand at the Jacobi volleyball court!
Hoiberg Family Basketball Court
…enjoy a pick-up game on the Hoiberg Family Basketball Court


Other outdoor areas

ISU Courtyard
The ISU Courtyard is central to the main complex.
Main Courtyard Mudroom
A mudroom for cleaning up and storing gear and field tools is located at the entrance of the main courtyard.
















Waggoner Terrace
Waggoner Terrace, located adjacent to Wintersteen Lounge and across from Winterhof Commons, is a popular place to meet before events and for reflection after a productive day in the field.

Complex at night

















Haha Wall
The “Haha” wall surrounding the building complex provides both security and a beautiful backdrop.
Kitchen Garden
The kitchen garden provides wonderfully fresh ingredients for some of Chef Anthony’s popular recipes.