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Curtis Youngs

Curtis Youngs

  • Associate Director
  • M.E. Ensminger Endowed Chair of International Animal Agriculture
  • Morrill Professor
Dr. Curt Youngs is a Professor of Animal Science and the M.E. Ensminger Endowed Chair of International Animal Agriculture, and Morrill Professor at Iowa State University (ISU). He also serves as the Associate Director in charge of livestock and animal health programs for ISU’s Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL). During his career, Youngs has had international collaborations (in research, teaching, and extension/outreach) in 15 countries across four continents. In recognition of the impact he has made in the international arena, he has received several awards including the ISU International Service Award and the prestigious Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award from the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS). Dr. Youngs has utilized his expertise to train scientists, veterinarians, students, and farmers in developing countries in the technologies of artificial insemination and embryo transfer. He brought the unique courses he created in embryo transfer and in global food security to countries that greatly need enhanced production of animal-sourced foods. His long-term goal is to empower agriculturalists in developing nations with the knowledge and skills needed to increase production of safe and nutritious animal-source foods as a means to alleviate hunger and poverty, as well as to reduce food insecurity.