Production for Markets


  • CSRL has helped farmers in Namasagali Farmers Association (NAFA) acquire improved seeds and establish 40 acres of groundnuts. Similarly, 20 farmers (16 women, four men) of Bugulumbya Development Farmers were supported with 4,000 roosters and 20 bags of feed. The farmers cost shared 50 percent towards the procurement of the one day old chicks and of groundnut seed.
  • Conducted market chain analysis for selected enterprises of 73 farmers in Bugulumbya Development Farmers' Association (BSFA), Namasagali Farmers' Association (NAFA), and Butansi Farmers' Development Association (NABFA).
  • Established groundnut, maize, poultry, pig and banana enterprises for income generation with 151 farmers, including 28 acres of groundnuts, 33 acres of maize, and 15 piglets.
  • Created market information boards in six Parishes to inform farmers of prevailing prices and available markets for their produce. Specific RDEs and CNHWs were assigned responsibility for managing these boards and updating the market information.
  • The farmers were also trained in market analysis and linked to buyers in markets outside Kamuli.






Training farmers to produce for markets: