Ben Musambira

Improved Health and Farming Techniques

Before becoming involved as a Rural Development Extensionist (RDE) in the CSRL program in 2005, Ben Musambira said his family’s health, food security and income conditions were bad.  They lacked access to improved crop varieties and knowledge about better farming methods.  “We also lacked knowledge on nutrition,” said Musambira.  “We always consumed one type of food and did not have foods that provided correct nutrients for our family members.”  Now Musambira and his family eat three meals a day and produce enough food to sell to others.

They also eat a variety of foods, including high-quality protein from eggs.  “I am keeping poultry (60 laying hens) and pigs and grow bananas and cassava.  Every day I am able to sell one tray of eggs at UGX 5000 (about $2.50)....from this I get cash that I use for my daily household needs,” said Musambira.  He also sells pigs. “The last boar I sold was at UGX 250,000 (about $125).  I am planning to replace the current breed with a different breed that grows faster, and I’m expanding my piggery unit.” Musambira is a dedicated visionary and a dynamic RDE, who inspires many in this sub-county.




    CSRL's Livestock Program:

  • Provides farmers with goats, pigs, and chickens.
  • Creates an extra source of revenue for farmers.
  • Provides an important source of protein, fighting malnutrition.
  • Find out more about CSRL's Livestock Program
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