Ruth Makoba


Improved Health and Home

Ruth MakobaRuth has a lot to smile about.  Her family’s health has improved.  Her marriage is stronger.  And the interior of her home is now finished and features glass windows.  Through the CSRL program, Ruth and her husband have progressed from malnutrition and daily hunger to producing a variety of foods to keep their family well fed and   healthy.  Now they also generate income by selling crops and eggs in the marketplace.  “We used to be in bad condition,” Makoba said.  “We did not store food.  There    was not enough food.  Now I stock food and many people are being directed to me to buy food.” Makoba said she and her husband enjoy working together.

Through a VEDCO cost-sharing program supported by CSRL, they received poultry and now sell eggs.  They have 150 birds in the brooder.  They started with 50 banana plants; they now have 440 and continue to add more.  They’ve also started a piggery unit and anticipate selling pigs for additional income.  They just bought another acre of land and look forward to cultivating it together to produce more for the market to sustain their healthier and happier livelihood.

Farming projectProduction for Markets allows:

  • Farmers to gain more income from their resources.
  • Inviduals to create thriving small businesses.
  • Communities to generate new sources of revenue.