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Miller Hall
Miller Hall dormitory accommodates up to 48 trainees/students, including disabled trainees.
Miller Hall Dormitory
The dormitory includes 12 rooms with two bunk beds (to accommodate 4 people in each) and a split bathroom for efficiency. There is 1 additional room with a single bed for a resident assistant.

















Miller Hall Outdoor Lounge
The dormitory complex also includes a covered outdoor lounge space with seating for 15.
Barkema Hall
Just up the lighted pathway is Barkema Hall which serves as a guesthouse with room for up to 12 visiting faculty, staff, and guests (4 rooms with 2 beds, and 2 rooms with 1 king).

















Barkema Hall Standard Room
Standard rooms in the faculty accommodation complex have two beds, two desk / bureau areas, and a split bathroom.
Barkema Hall Outdoor Lounge
Barkema Hall also has a covered outdoor lounge which seats 15.